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Associate Professor Dr. Mohammad Salim Shahi

MBBS (Dhaka) BCS (Health), MD (Neuromedicine) Headache, Spine (Spine) Epilepsy, Stroke, Associate Professor (Neurology) National Institute of Neuroscience and Hospital, Dhaka. BMDC Reg No-A 30526

   Neuro Medicine specialist  

 The diseases that are treated
  Stroke. Headache and Dizziness. Migraine / Sinusitis. Mouth Bent. Bleeding Blood in The Brain. Discomfort in The Head. Hands
  Feet and Palpitations
  Hands and Feet Tremble. Pain in The Neck
  Waist and Spine. Decreased Hand & Feet Strength. Itching / Epilepsy. Tension / Insomnia. Diseases of the Nerves and Veins. Dryness of the Muscles of the Hands and Feet.
 Doctor Fee

New patient ৳ 800

Old patient ৳ 600

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